About Us

Blue Pearl Theatrics is a Film & Theater Repertory company which unites actors and artists.  We specialize in ground-breaking productions and workshops ; Providing an innovative platform for actors, playwrights, and directors to explore new horizons and reach greater heights in their artistry. 

Established in 2014, Blue Pearl Theatrics was birthed from a desire to honor Brenda Pearl Stein. A woman who has a great love for children, education, humanity, family, the performing arts, and the color blue. 

Brenda, a second generation American with roots in Montserrat and Panama, encouraged her young daughter to participate in the arts as a child. She enrolled her daughter in various artistic and performing arts related activities throughout her formative years which lead her daughter to discover her passion for acting. 

At Blue Pearl Theatrics, our goal is to captivate, empower, enlighten and challenge audiences everywhere. By sharing untold stories, and entertaining audiences with bold thought-provoking concepts that are reflective of our voices, we aspire to positively impact others through performance. Our productions feature a wide range of genres that aim to stimulate and delight.